out of the closet: one skirt, three looks for the holidays

My key piece for these three looks is a black chiffon maxi skirt. I travelled over the Christmas weekend and the skirt was perfect because it is easy to pack, doesn’t wrinkle, it covers you enough for the colder weather, and it goes well with almost everything.

The skirt is from Zara (about $53). The tops I used for this segment are all under $35 🙂

Happy Holidays!

First Look:

I wore this for an outdoor lunch. It was a little chilly that day.

  1. Maxi skirt: Zara (recent purchase)
  2. Rabbit fur/ leather jacket: Mango (recent purchase)
  3. Tube top: Stravidarius (from last summer)
  4. Belt: Mango
  5. Ankle boots: Celine (from years ago)
  6. Clutch: (Givenchy)

Second Look:

For a quick apéritif before a holiday dinner. The pop of color, emerald and pink in this case, stands out from the sea of dark winter colors at holiday parties.

  1. Maxi skirt: Zara
  2. Top: New Look (from last summer)
  3. Heels: Marni (old purchase)
  4. Clutch: Lauren Merkin (old purchase from Neiman Marcus)

Third Look

For a dressier evening, I pulled out this lace top from my closet. I bought this 5 years ago, and I am so glad this is in trend now. Pair with oversized champagne pearl earrings and gold jewelry, for more grown up formal holiday dinners.

  1. Maxi skirt: Zara
  2. Top: Koton
  3. Belt : Mango
  4. Heels: Proenza Schouler
  5. Clutch: Givenchy

6 thoughts on “out of the closet: one skirt, three looks for the holidays

  1. All three off your looks are gorgeous, incredibly stylish, & very individual you – which is a superb thing to see! My favourite of the three is your second outfit with the emerald & bright pink colour pops – very unique, creative & chic!

    That Zara chiffon maxi-skirt was definitely a wise investment – it will be one of your wardrobe staples for many seasons to come!!

    Stay stylish, 🙂

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I’m just now starting this blog, and still very clueless! I’m glad you liked the post!
      The Zara skirt is coming with me on my next trip next weekend, you’re right! I think it is really an investment piece!

      Happy Holidays!
      xx desert heels

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