out of the closet: shopping in a hurry

You’re running late and you’ve got 30 minutes to get ready. What to do?

I stay with my ever-dependable black and camel combo. It’s a little boring I know, but I was in hurry, there’s not much time to think! 🙂 I’m checking out the end-of-the-year sales at the mall so I’m keeping it simple and comfortable.

No belts or buttons for ease in fitting clothes.

I find that if you wear a black top when shopping for bottoms, you will pretty much have an idea how it will fit in your wardrobe without over thinking it.

Time-saving right?

The tights are good because you can still squeeze in those skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing for months, and hey, you’re still decent if someone just storms into your dressing cubicle without knocking!

I did a little layering here since I’ll be spending most of my time indoors.

Big, roomy, and lightweight leather bags that are easy on the shoulders is a must. Now you’re ready for your cardio-shopping!

  1. Leather jacket: Mango
  2. Scarf: H&M
  3. Black Knit Top: Topshop
  4. Shorts: Forever 21
  5. Tights: Betsey Johnson
  6. Booties: Boutique9
  7. Bag: Jimmy Choo

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