out of the closet: for travel

Hey guys! I’m off to Dubai for a few days and catching a very early flight.

I thought I’ll show you my travel uniform before I take off. More outfit photos coming up!

A very happy new year to  everyone! I wish all of you beautiful things for 2012!

  1. Blazer: Mango (A/W 2011)
  2. Scarf: Mango
  3. Top: Topshop
  4. Pants: Vince
  5. Boots: Maloles (from Barney’s last year)
  6. Bag : Givenchy (new-ish)



8 thoughts on “out of the closet: for travel

  1. Like that oufit especially the color combination: black-red-leoprint
    It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Charade 🙂
    The jacket with the leather arms is very stylish and the outfit looks comfi but elegant for traveling.

    • Thanks! I’m afraid of red most of the time, but I guess it picks up the mood when traveling is so stressful these days! 🙂
      I love this blazer! I got it 50% off from Mango last week. I’m guessing they might still have it! 🙂

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