Travel: Raffles Dubai

Raffles Dubai is a chain of the world-famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It’s history goes back to 1887. I have been to the Raffles in Singapore several times so I thought we’ll try and see if the Dubai counterpart is just as charming.

The architectural design of the building is reminiscent of the pyramids in Egypt.

I’ll give it A for effort, but I think it was a little bit redundant. It reminds me of the Luxor in Las Vegas minus the glass facade and more cement.

Having said that, the interior of the hotel did not disappoint. It was palatial. Not in the gaudy, overly ornate, ‘we-are-so-rich-let’s-spray-everything-gold-sorta-way’, that you see in this part of the world most of the time, all the time.

The interior decor was actually very tasteful with a touch of modern elegance.

The Lobby

I wanted to take these lamps home with me. I would have but it won’t fit in my suitcase.

We were there for the New Year’s eve weekend, and the tall Christmas tree in the lobby made me feel all so warm and fuzzy inside that I decided I will be a nicer person that day.

The hotel lobby bar stayed true to it’s Middle-eastern flair. After a very early flight it was calming to see this warm interior.

The Signature Room

This room is Big. This is the least expensive of all the suites at the hotel.

At 70 sqm. it was unreal.

hubby: Jesus, how much did you pay for this room?

me: Don’t worry it’s just a little over $300 (liar: about 450, actually). It’s the economy room.

hubby: (sigh of relief)

me: Nice huh?

hubby: Not bad.

The bed was huge. The bath and shower was huge.

(Above) Best Feature: The window on the left side opens to the  corner bathtub and well, the rest of your business.

Walk-in closet . Big like.

The balcony had big outdoor furniture. The view was quite nice on the 10th floor.

The handwritten note adds a personal touch. I felt like he was addressing this note especially to desert heels.  Sometimes, I wish we can all go back to that time when we all wrote to each other.

All in all a good experience. I would stay in this hotel again.

General conclusion: It was a luxurious hotel. It was worth the money. Very close to the airport, about 20 minutes to the Dubai action and that was perfect for us.

Downtown Dubai was too congested and it was a relief to get away from it. The service was impeccable. At the reception area, I counted in my head (1,2…) before 3, somebody checked on us on what we needed.

Who shouldn’t stay here: People with screaming kids. People who are on a Holiday Inn budget. People who don’t like taking cabs. People who don’t like pyramids.

Who should stay here: Couples celebrating (who have always stayed at the Holiday Inn and thinking it’s about time for an upgrade). Husbands trying to get their wives to forgive them for texting a younger woman. People who are just tired of bad service and are willing to pay for a good vacation.

You can visit their website at Raffles Hotels and Resorts


8 thoughts on “Travel: Raffles Dubai

  1. Oh my, this makes me feel so small. It’s so gorgeous and quite posh! One day I’ll see (hopefully) this in my own eyes.

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