Be good to yourself.

In my shopping bag : Lingerie: La Perla , Nail polish: Chanel in Rouge Noir

I had one of those dreary days yesterday and when I get in that state, I shake it off and I treat myself. After shopping, I think, subliminally, more than the material satisfaction, what felt better was knowing that I appreciate myself.

I remember going through a major hub somewhere in Europe when I was 25. There was a very beautiful woman in front of me, and like I always do (a hobby I acquired to keep me entertained at airports), I was imagining where she came from, her shoe size, what does she do, etc… I was so taken by her beauty, until security asked her to open her luggage, and I couldn’t help but notice her deplorable underwear. All I can think about for the rest of my trip was, “…she’s so beautiful, I wish she took care of herself better…”

A lot of women pay good money for things that people see. Bags, jewelry, clothes, shoes…

But shouldn’t you spend on the things that is underneath all of that?

From then on, I promised myself, no matter how mismatched my outfit is, or even when I have no make-up on, I will always wear beautiful underwear. People don’t see it but I do.


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