Travel carry on: Essentials for long-haul flights

In less than 36 hours I will be flying back to my home in the U.S. I am excited to be home again but not liking the painful process of getting there. I’ve been doing this for years and I still get very anxious each time. I do have Duty-Free shopping to look forward to 🙂

I’m in the process of packing now, so while I’m at it, I thought I’ll share with all of you what constitutes my travel must haves for long-haul flights. I’ll be traveling for about 25 hours with all the connections from Dubai to London to the U.S. Long-a** flight it is.

I hope these tips can be useful for your next travel!

(From T-B, L-R)

  1. travel bag: Givenchy (choose dark leather totes with external pockets that doubles as a top handle and shoulder bag)
  2. make up kit: LV pochette (I have my beauty must haves here and I keep it in the seat pockets in front of me when I have to put my bag in the overhead compartment)
  3. Blackberry
  4. IPod nano
  5. noise-cancelling headphones: Sennheiser PXC270 (best thing since sliced bread, imagine a baby screaming for hours and all you can hear is Adele’s Rolling in the Deep)
  6. Q-zone ear plugs (when your iPod runs out of battery)
  7. make up kit 2: Chanel set , mentioned in my infatuations last month.
  8. A4 document zip bag:  H&M in gold (for your plane tickets, boarding passes etc.)
  9. sleep mask (to sleep but mostly to foil that obnoxiously loquacious seat mate)
  10. check book holder: Givenchy
  11. passport holder: Givenchy
  12. wallet: YSL
  13. planner : Moleskin (red)
  14. pens: I love Madrid, Marc Jacobs lipstick pen
  15. black notebook: from Kadewe Berlin (for random thoughts)
  16. organizer for my chargers: Hervé Chapelier in yellow (never put your chargers in your check-in bag)
  17. resealable bag for snacks and sweets (when they only give you peanuts)
  18. sunglasses: Chanel
  19. keys
  20. Barnes & Noble Nook
  21. TSA approved quart size see-thru bag for liquids from Target (I prefer this reusable bag over ziploc bags that tear easily)
  22. coin purse /card holder: Salvatore Ferragamo (to fit in your smaller bags or clutches or when you don’t need your gigantic wallet)
  23. zip bag for receipts: H&M (leopard print)

How I fit all these things in my bag ? I don’t know, but they do.

Experience has taught me that having these things with me makes traveling less agonizing:)

Hope you’re having a great week!

Happy Travels! xx


8 thoughts on “Travel carry on: Essentials for long-haul flights

    • That’s a long trip! 🙂 I bought mine at Amsterdam airport but I’m sure you’ll find it anywhere in New York.
      I’m glad you found the post helpful. Thanks! Have a great time in London!

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