My infatuations for this month

A list of my little treasures for February.

For You. I was set on getting Black Orchid but I changed my mind and went for Tom Ford Violet Blonde instead. I wanted a unique and lasting peppery scent for the winter and this one’s the winner. My husband loves it.

For Him. How much do I love Bleu de Chanel? I act like a bomb-sniffing dog and a very clingy girlfriend around it. He’s not complaining.

These Fiorentini+Baker boots are made for walking…for a very, very long time. The thick and sturdy Italian leather was worth every penny. An investment I’m so glad I made and I kid you not, it weighs about 5 lbs.

I got these Calvin Klein scented candles from a friend. I have it in Winter Fruit and Bittersweet vine and they smell delicious.

Layer Cake reds. I found this label at my local grocery,14.9 % alc. for $16. Very inexpensive for a perfect combination of I-don’t-remember-what-I-said-last-night and I-don’t-have-a headache.

Most lip glosses don’t work for me. But I thought I’ll give this YSL Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain a try. A perfect formula that is in between a creamy lipstick and a gloss. I have it in a subtle coral in # 6 and I’m hooked.

I bought this Halston Heritage leather sac online, sight unseen. It’s the perfect no-fuss, toss-it-anywhere day bag. The calf leather is so supple and the color is beautiful in Whiskey. I’ve been using it everyday.

This soft and cozy gray Heidi Weisel cashmere scarf is my absolute favorite from this list. It’s officially my number one winter mainstay.

I got lots to say about this book. Check out my review on Books: We need to talk about Damien, I mean, Kevin.

What were your little treasures this month? xx


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