Eats: Texas de Brazil

Earlier that night…

Me: You ready? I made reservations at this quaint Italian place…

My hubby: Can we please not eat at a froufrou restaurant tonight? I’m really hungry.

Me: Like, how hungry are we talking about? Churrascaria hungry?

My hubby: YES.

I obliged. I was starving too.

We’ve been to a number of good churrascarias in all our travels but my husband is the expert since he lived in Brazil before. And he loves his meat. So, we thought we’ll give this restaurant a try since we’ve heard so much about it. I’m glad we did.

The restaurant is very well appointed with beautiful views of the marina. This was our table.

The selection of salads and appetizers is ginormous. I especially loved the roasted peppers and olives from Brazil and Spain.

The highlight of the dinner for me was finding this Rioja in their wine list. I was raving about it when I was in Madrid last summer and I’m glad my husband got to try it.

The huge selection of wine welcomes you at the entrance of the restaurant. This amazing cellar is about 15 feet tall. If I win the lottery, mine will look exactly like this.

It’s the first time I tried this Brazilian beer and it’s actually really good.

The boys and their meat in huge skewers. Loving the carnivore in me.

I didn’t take pictures of my plate because it’s pure carnage.

This is a wonderful restaurant for real good food, perfect views and superb service. Definitely not froufrou. Tucked away from noisy South Beach, this is what we needed.  Peace, meat and harmony. I was happy but I think my husband was happier.

If you are in the area, give this place a try, it’s worth every penny.

Happy Eating! xx

Texas de Brazil is at 300 Alton Rd at the Marina in Miami. I know they have 20 more locations across the U.S.



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