all in this small bag.

This Chloé Darla shoulder bag measures nine by eight inches. Pretty small and surprisingly roomy. Like I had mentioned in my infatuations post for March, this is a very practical bag for a lot of seasons and reasons and I’m glad I talked myself into getting it. The goal is to avoid shoulder pains and all that is unnecessary. Right.

My own version of monastic living. For now.

It’s amazing how I can’t do long division but can conveniently fit all this crap in this bag.

In my bag: D&G aviators, keys, a book by William Kotzwinkle, pen, Moleskin, phone, camera, wallet, Tatcha japanese blotting papers, Guerlain powder, pill box from Paris, Caudalie lip conditioner, YSL glossy stain, hand sanitizer, travalo (Chloé perfume) and Nars blush.

Hope you’re having a good week so far! xx


5 thoughts on “all in this small bag.

  1. i too love small bags and can manage to fit a lot, the only problem is trying to get out my keys or phone which always find their way to the bottom of th bag.

    • I can relate! What I do is I put my phone and keys in the interior pocket ( my first consideration when buying a bag) so I can find it without
      discombobulating all my stuff to find something. Or, if you don’t mind looking like hip-hop rapper, I have a big locking keyring that I can hook on my shoulder strap 🙂

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