out of the closet: pleated skirts and depleted pockets

I got the pleated skirt in the States, saw it while buying thermal Hanes shirts for the hubby at Target. I was surprised they still had a little bit of the Jason Wu collab left. This was the only thing they had in my size. Unexpectedly, the quality is actually good.

A few days ago it was my girlfriend’s post-birthday, I-need-to get-away-from the-kids weekend break. We went to Bahrain and stayed at the Kempinski Hotel. LOVE this hotel. While she went to the spa, relaxing, I took some aspirin and checked the stores.


On our way there,

Her: You’re quiet. You okay?

Me: I think I’m palpitating.

Her: Why?  What’s wrong?

Me: I’m too nervous to go to Celine. I ‘m afraid I’ll find something.

Her: (eye-rolling)

At the Celine store. What you resist persists…

I had the store all to myself. I can feel the force of the planets aligning.

Every damn thing that’s on sale at Saks had my size. The SA from Egypt told me, ..”you’re the luckiest girl…three years working here…this has never happened to me before”.

Those words burned a big hole in my pocket. I wanted to barf but got over it quickly after a cold beer. Updates on a later post!

The poor but presumably lucky girl is wearing:

  1. Pleated skirt: Jason Wu for Target
  2. Blazer: Mango
  3. Top: Zara
  4. Heels: Jimmy Choo
  5. Bag: Fendi

How do you get over buyer’s remorse? xx


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