The shoe approach of an addict

Sales at Saks is like wine-tasting for a recovering alcoholic. I was sweating.                     The choices have been narrowed down from 10 pairs. Thanks to Feather Factor, I used her five-step program to help me with this process of elimination. For shopping maniacs out there, check her out, she’s brilliant.

The approach:

  • Completely ignored 2 Alaïas. For that price, I can give my Mom a nice gift for Mother’s Day. In the end, that will make me more happy.
  • The red Balenciaga flats didn’t fit right and I’d rather have the money in the bank.
  • The hot purply pink YSL Tributes were the last ones left. But I have got to be honest, I don’t really reach for these colors anyway. I’m boring and that’s a fact.

The one that got away…

The SA was feeling my pain and thought he’s helping me when he took this one out. The five inches on these Alexander Mcqueen is so damn comfortable. At 65% discount I was ready to take the bait. But  I thought, where the hell will I wear gold-studded platforms?  My answer: A Lady Gaga concert with glow sticks around my neck. That made it easy.

What I took home…

These dusty-pink water snake pumps from Pierre Hardy was love at first sight.                 ( note: pronounced as Ardy, not like the Ed Hardy, hahaha). These shoes are the most comfortable 4 inches sans platforms I’ve ever tried.  The skin is so exquisite. A beautiful handmade neutral exotic will be loved forever. When  most people think of Loubs when it comes to French shoe designers, I go the exact opposite way. Pierre Hardy does it for me.

Classic black YSL with copper cap toes.                                                                        I’m singing Survivor’s “The search is over” in my head.

I needed these in my life. A more sexed up version of Granny’s Sunday pump. Nuff said.

Have a fun weekend! XX


8 thoughts on “The shoe approach of an addict

  1. I was smiling when I read this post because I, like many other shoe lovers, can relate to the “I was sweating” part when it comes to decision time in the shoe department. But I love your choices, you’ll definitely wear those more than some hot pink Tributes! Cute blog!

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