For my Mom, the ultimate “Tiger Mom”

I just got back from Hong Kong to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom. I really wanted to make this year special for her. We used to go on shopping trips to Hong Kong when I was a kid and I remember begging for a pair Dr. Martens, to no avail of course. She is the Tiger Mom after all. She said ” if you want those boots, buy it yourself, you don’t need those boots, you need to study.” No negotiations allowed.

Well, I’m over that DM’s phase, I want Celine shoes now, but I learned a very important lesson that most kids these days don’t understand. I never felt I was entitled to what she worked hard for. I am thankful because I know that the good life I have now has been the outcome of my Mother’s love. I was grateful for what I had and I never expected more than what was given to me. Fast forward 17 years later, it’s my turn to give back. It’s nothing compared to what a single Mom had to endure raising two girls on her own, but the look on her face when she opened this red box, priceless. I am beyond happy.

Within hours, we were already frantically scouring HK  to look for a wallet to go with her new bag.

I said, “what’s wrong with your wallet now?” She said, “it has to match!” Of course, why did I even bother asking ? Mental note: The Tiger Mom is so in her element, get the hell out of her way.

To all the single Moms out there, you deserve only the best.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And please, say ” I Love you ” to her not just on this day but everyday…

Hope you had a great weekend with your Mom ! I did!  XX


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