Travel: The Mira Hotel Hong Kong

The Mira is an über-trendy hotel right in the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping mecca. I was uncertain in the beginning to stay at this hotel because I was traveling with my Mom (and not my gay friends) so I didn’t want a club-electronica sort of accommodation. Thankfully, it didn’t look like that. The techie-contemporary design of the hotel was muted and stylish. I was G.L.A.D 🙂

The lobby had interesting sculptures. Modern but not daunting.

Our very clean and sleek room, perfectly perched on the 17th floor.

The beds were comfortable and I liked the soft, non-scratchy white sheets. I only sleep in white sheets so felt right at home and slept like a baby.

Simple and no-fuss amenities. I like that the sink is outside of the bathroom. I can do my make-up in peace.

THE MINI BAR IS FREE. 5 words I keep repeating to myself. I couldn’t believe that I am free from extortion. Translation:  no bills for a $20 bottle of water.

Our amazing view from my bed.

I was enjoying all this while sipping my FREE oolong tea.

…and at night. Wishing my hubby was with me.

Harbour City, Uniqlo, Muji and Yohji Yamamoto are only steps away. I’m in heaven.

The VIP club lounge.

The open-air lounge bar, Vibes. Okay, this is my dream backyard from now on.

The spa lounge. I can imagine P. Diddy enjoying this.

The award-winning european restaurant, Whisk is also at the hotel. I wanted to take one of those hanging glass thingies back home with me but didn’t want to go to jail. I’ll just try and see if there’s a dupe from IKEA.

The customer service at this hotel is PHENOMENAL. My life has been divided between America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, I spend the least amount of time in Asia and I always forget how much value is put on “respect and hospitality”. Well, because it almost doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.                                                  It’s a sad reality how perplexing it is for me (and for most people, I’m sure) when I come across people that go over and beyond their job description. I cannot count the times when I’ve confronted the concierge (at some very expensive hotels), “if you don’t like dealing with people, you should get a different job.” So, it’s rare to find managements that still take pride in their work in this generation when lack of work ethics is considered normal.

No, I didn’t pay for a Presidential suite. We have the less expensive accommodation but we were treated like royalty.The staff helped us with everything. From finding bubble wrap at 12 midnight for an antique abacus I bought to finding an iPad case to handling my Rimowa luggage with care and for just simply being genuinely nice, I am in awe.          Great location, great food, great service. I’m so happy to be in this side of the world.

I’m already blocking dates for next year’s visit. This time, I’m taking my husband.

I was sad to go and that doesn’t happen too often.

If you’re thinking of going, it’s worth it. The Mira Hong Kong.


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