on money and shopping: sales are sometimes worth the wait.

Okay. So I have been on my computer for the last two weeks and (intensely) mulling over all the designer sales online. Barneys is having a huge sale at the moment and free international shipping (that just ended yesterday, sorry). My head was just about to explode, mental consumption by consumerism in full throttle. I had to restrain myself from the amazing five-inch stilettos. I have a lot of those that are still sitting prettily in my closet, unused.

Think: Substance over fashion. First things first. I checked what I already have and narrowed down my choices.  My goal: What I’m purchasing should extend the use and longevity of my closet and not expand it with thoughtless accumulation.

What don’t I have yet?

  • I wanted a pair of neutral wedge sandals that are ultra comfortable. Something I can have on for over 8 hours without crying. No straps, the less time you have to spend on the airport security line, the better off you are.
  • High waisted skinny white jeans. My size is always out of stock when I check J Brands on Shopbop.com. So I’m still hunting for one.
  • Yellow skinny jeans, an addition that should work through all the seasons.
  • A lightweight summer tote that I can fold and pack in my hand luggage.
  • The rule: all of the above cannot be made in China. (why?…on a later post)

Oh Well. Since I’m a speed shopper and with the time difference (haha, I know I have advantage over those online shopping maniacs in the U.S. because I’m in the Middle East now and I’m about 8 hours ahead) and with a calculator in hand, I think I did well. Shopping behavior: Conservative.

I got this Robert Clergerie wedge sandals for $239 that was originally priced at $595. The color is better than I expected, it’s between a dusty pink and a dark beige hue that pairs with everything and god, it’s so comfortable.

And yes, I found the other two things on my list. The J Brand 877 Kinsey white jeans was on sale for $79, it used to be $198. The mustard yellow skinny leggings are from Rag & Bone it was $176 and  I got it for $69. Mission accomplished.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Maybe the solstice had something to do with it.

A luck(ier) girl did beat me to a Lanvin tote.  But hey, you can’t have everything.

Like they say, good things come to those who wait.

Happy Shopping ! ( wisely, I hope) xx

They still have some goodies left, Check them out at Barneys New York.


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