You Are Not Special.

Yesterday was the middle school graduation in the expat community, in which I live, here in the Middle east. I didn’t go because most of the kids are spoiled-rotten (yes, some of them are my friends’ kids) and I had to do laundry and I did not exactly get invited (this year, anyway). These brats get sent to expensive boarding schools at the age of 14 and most of them don’t even make it to college or anywhere else in life.

My friend gave his daughter an all-expense paid european trip and a car just for graduating high school. She’s far from genius and he’s no Warren Buffet. But I’m pretty sure his considerable 401K contribution can be adequately proportioned to cover future rehab and bail charges.

Those teachers should have shown this video to those kids yesterday. The truth needs to be told…that you should not get a medal just for showing up at soccer practice.

I worry for the children of the corn world.

This speech was given by David McCullough, Jr. He’s a teacher at this school and yes it’s so controversial, there’s over 1.5 million hits on YouTube. He is the son of the author of John Adam’s biography, the best history book I have ever read. His dad, David, Sr. is an exceptional man. So is Junior.

I do wonder, how can our next generation follow the path of these great men?


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