My infatuations for this month

A list of my little treasures in June.

I bought this NIXON 42-20 Chrono watch earlier this year because I wanted a chunky, sporty watch that I wouldn’t mind (so much) if it gets scratched. Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and “sporty” activities lately, I’ve been loving how sturdy this watch is. I even got a compliment from a famous TV personality in SE Asia. So yeah, it’s a keeper.

Sprayed on this Voyage d’Hermès EDT at an airport while waiting for a delayed flight because I could’t find my perfume in my carry-on bag and well, I loved the bottle. I wasn’t particularly crazy about the scent at first but decided to get it because after a couple of hours on my skin it left a clean, powdery finish. The 35 ml limited edition bottle is definitely perfect for travel.

I’ve been doing a lot of diving and snorkeling with my husband last month so my skin is about 2 shades darker now. So,I have been steering away from my reds and pinks lately. This Shu Uemura lipstick in OR 565 is a peachy nude with little bits of sparkle. The formula is so buttery and it works with my summer skin tone.

I had to grab these tissue-thin tops from ZARA because I was ill-prepared for the heat. I literally lived in these this month!

I have used this Clarins hand and nail treatment cream on and off for a few years now. I’m not sure why I even stopped using this moisturizer in the first place. After trying other brands, I had to go back to this. I’m (seriously) into anti-aging skin products as of late, so I’m definitely stocking up on this one.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s June.

What were your little treasures this month? XX


2 thoughts on “My infatuations for this month

  1. love the watch. It’s a good price too for a sportswear kind of watch. I got the tortoiseshell chrono one. Btw. love your blog ❤

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