out of the closet: sun, sea and daiquiris

On my tropical island getaway with the hubby…

My favorite beach tote has to be this Hervé Chapelier that I bought from their charming little boutique at rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. I think I spent 2 hours there the last time I visited. Totes in every color imaginable!  I’m not sure if they have stores in the U.S. but you can check their website at Hervé Chapelier.

( post-sunblock application, pre-sun exposure!)

  1. bikini: Roberto Cavalli
  2. hat: Zara
  3. beach tote bag: Hervé Chapelier
  4. flip flops: Diane von Furstenberg
  5. aviators: YSL
  6. scarf: Zara
  7. iPad cover: See by Chloe

The view from our cabana…

Postcard colors of the sky and the sea.

And of course, a frozen mango daiquiri at sunset. I’m sun-kissed and happy.

Enjoy the sun, wherever you may be ! xx


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