my summer in fluo.

My Parisienne friend and I were invited to a “silent” sale at a Givenchy store last week and as much as we planned to just “look around”. Well. We failed.

I wanted something different for the summer to brighten up my insipid neutral wardrobe. Well, this neon nylon Givenchy Nightingale caught my eye. Can’t really miss it, it’s VERY bright.

Her: Ah, fluo? Iz very special, no?  (ok. when my friend says “special”, it means, either it’s absolutely gorgeous or it’s utterly atrocious, funny how most of our shopping trips are lost in translation).

Me: I’m not even going to ask you to define the word “special” today. I need some “fluo” in my life for a change.

So. I got this. Bravely in neon yellow. It was half the price since it was from last year’s summer collection. I don’t mind, really. Although I love the 80’s, I won’t fork the cash to pay full price for something this trendy.

Also, I scored an orange red wallet from the new summer collection.

Yeah. Strange how the yellow turns to acid green against this red.

I fell in love with this color because it’s the same shade as my favorite red orange lipstick–NARS in Heatwave.

Shockingly bright. But hey, life’s too short, right ?

As for my très chic friend, she bought something beige.

Happy Shopping! xx


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