Travel: tough it out with Rimowa.

As much as I would love to lug around LV and Goyard trunks, I’m a practical traveler and not Kimora Lee- Simmons. It just doesn’t work like that in real life unless you have your own private jet. After years of traveling, $$$ spent on so-so luggage and flat-out physical pain, I think I have learned my lesson :

Trust the Germans to come up with (most definitely) the toughest, most practical luggage in the market.


  • The lightness. I have the Salsa Air Cabin Multiwheel IATA 52 and it weighs 2.4 KG. My check-in bag is The Salsa Air Multiwheel 73  and it only weighs 3.2 KG. Doesn’t it make more sense that your bag is lighter than its contents?
  • Handling. The 4 wheels, ergonomic handles and the recessed combination lock are just plain genius. No pushing and sweat involved, it simply glides.
  • Bulletproof. The polycarbonate material is the same material they use for aircraft panels. Nuff said.
  • And it’s pretty.


  • It’s not cheap, but worth the investment. Think of all the $60 travel bags you have laying around with a missing wheel. Paying 3 times for something cheaply made is much more expensive.
  • No external pockets, although I still don’t know why I’m even concerned about that.

I appreciate the practicality of the two compartments inside the bag. It makes packing and unpacking relatively painless for highly disorganized people like myself. The see-thru mesh makes finding things easier.

Everything, neatly zipped in.

German technology meets the overpacker.

I don’t think I hate traveling as much anymore.

Check this for more product details RIMOWA Since 1898.

Happy travels! xx


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