Scala’s Bistro in San Francisco

The fresh heirloom tomato insalata with burrata alla panna, nicoise olives, basil and olio verde was cool and perfectly light for a late evening starter.

I truly enjoyed this gorgeous Bruschetta with eggplant caponata, basil ricotta, pine nuts, vincotto and cocoa nibs.

The Squash Blossom Flatbread was topped with crème fraîche, parmesan, sea salt, chili flakes and white truffle oil. Very interesting and quite unexpected.

Everything paired wonderfully with this California white wine. So wonderful, that we had two bottles. (Two girls, so a bottle each?). Maybe that’s why I don’t remember paying the bill.

Gorgeous and relaxed crowd in the middle of the work week.

All in all, a fabulous restaurant with a modern-rustic take on Italian food. No neon lighting and thumping club music in the background here. Expect good food, good service and an elegant dining experience. And on top of that, friendly waiters that love what they do.

I will definitely come back and already looking forward to my next visit.

Scala’s Bistro is on Powell Street, San Francisco.


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