my infatuations for this month

I’ve been obsessed with anything coral this last season. So my introduction to Tom Ford Beauty was this lip color in 09 True Coral. It’s highly pigmented and beautiful on the lips, I think it’s never left my make-up bag since I bought it.

Guerlain nail polish in 01 Paradiso from the Terra Azzurra by Emilio Pucci summer collection has got to be my favorite shade next to Chanel’s Holiday for the summer.

I got Chanel’s Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 20 Tweed Corail a while back but have just recently started using it. ( it’s the closest I’ll ever get to a Chanel tweed jacket, that’s why I bought it). I love that it’s a subtler version of Nars Orgasm and it goes well with almost every shade of lipstick that I have.

Okay, I went crazy when the Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura collection came out when I was in Hong Kong. Since I’m a sucker for pretty packaging I think I got almost everything in the collection and I’m still trying to go through all of them.

Shu Uemura powder foundation is my go to foundation during humid summer months. UV protection and cute kimono print compact all in one.

My lovely girlfriend from Malaysia gave me this SK-II Signature Cream for my birthday.(don’t you just love it when your friends give you things you’ll actually use?) I have just finished my SK-II Cellumination Deep surge cream but I think I’m liking this formula more.

I was walking around the mall the other day and I had to stop by this store when I smelled this reed diffuser they had on display. I love this woody timber fragrance from Aquiesse. I have this weird thing, I like my house smelling like a church. Cedar, Amber or Frankincense, I have to have it.  Catholic school girl guilt, perhaps?

What were your favorite things in September?

Happy shopping! xx


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