the trouble with threes

(From top: Shades from Persol, American apparel and Linda Farrow for The Row)

I was organizing my clothes from a recent trip and I discovered these. I bought three shades in the last three months and they all look the same. Shocker.

There is this Latin term I remembered from University ,omne trim perfectum, which basically means, everything that comes in threes is perfect or every set of three is complete.

I guess what that tells me is that I should stop buying the exact same thing over and over again. I’m unconsciously aware of that behavior, most of the time anyway.

So. No more D-frame, wayfarer-type black shades!

My repetitive shopping pattern stops here. This set is “complete”.

I love these Persols. The quality is unbelievable. The best polarized pair I’ve ever had.

This vintage pair from American Apparel was an impulse buy, but I couldn’t help it.          It’s so retro I have to have it!

The shape of this pair from the Linda Farrow collaboration with The Row is so classy and chic. The dark-tinted lenses : perfect for very bright, the-day-after hangovers .

I know. They all practically look alike.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here.

The trouble with threes, eh?                                                                                                      ( I had to use the interjection, I’ve been seeing a lot of my Canadian friends lately)

Happy shopping! xx


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