Vintage shopping in San Francisco

I was walking around the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood when I stumbled upon this vintage store and instantly fell in love with the space. I was in a trance when I saw this selection of jewelry. Oran, the wonderful man with the hair gel (or pomade), responsible for this establishment is very much in character. I can see him smiling and shaking his head because I was going “loco” over his merchandise.

It felt like I time-travelled to an old Hollywood costume designer’s dream, or my grandma’s closet, if she was Greta Garbo.

So true. Mark Twain. So true.

Cool things abound. Thank God I hate packing, or I would have bought these umbrellas.

The coolest thing I found in the store was the “Trav-L-bar”. It’s basically your carry-on wet bar. And yes, you’re supposed to bring it on the plane with you, in that almost perfect pre-miniature-sized Jim Beams, pre-9/11 world. When Pan Am still flew. And when liquids over 30 ml were still allowed on commercial flights. Gone are the good old days.

Aunt Thelma’s handbag for Sunday’s worship, anyone?

Okay, vintage bags, clothes, luggage, accessories I can do. But I draw the line at shoes.

This is what I got. This beautiful cameo necklace and these stunning clip-on crystal earrings from the 1950’s. I think I only paid $ 60 for both of them. Happiness!

If you are looking for something unique with a little bit of history, visit Relic Vintage on 1605 Haight Street in San Francisco. It’s a gem!

Happy Shopping! xx


6 thoughts on “Vintage shopping in San Francisco

  1. Ok, let me just say that I love both things you bought! I have a similar cameo necklace, but it’s not vintage, so it’s not quite the same. I love the detailing around the cameo on your necklace, though, gorgeous! I agree about drawing the line at shoes – I once bought a pair of vintage shoes, and the first time I wore them they completely disintegrated underneath. I mean the soles of my feet were, at some point, touching pavement! And as a final note, I love the row of structured bags. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Natalie,
    I adore cameo necklaces, there’s something so romantic about them, I feel so lucky to have found this one. It’s amazing how the leather bags stood the test of time, it just tells us how much people valued quality back then. And, yes, I agree, vintage shoes-probably not the best idea!

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