orange treat

I was shopping for a group birthday present for a very dear girlfriend the other day. (A self-appointed duty I so happily take whenever gift decisions are involved). And I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to even do an “ocular” for myself and always, a failed attempt, I concur.

Don’t you always find the perfect thing for yourself, when you’re shopping for someone else? In my case, a dead certainty. Each time!

Within minutes, I knew I was in trouble. I “treated” myself to this Cuir Kelly Dog bracelet  in Veau Swift with Argente Palladie hardware.

In all of it’s orange awesomeness. Happy Halloween to me, I guess.

As far as my gift shopping, after a few hours, I still got her something pretty from LV.

To my friends and family in the East coast,  please stay safe and dry! XXO


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