the red bottom shoes

Those red soles are as ubiquitous as the Kardashians, I know. No introductions needed.

The rise of red sole phenomena (what else would you call it?) legitimized a woman’s need to spend a month’s rent (in my sister’s case in San Francisco, 2 months at least) on a pair of shoes (that pseudo-celebrites are photographed wearing) in the midst of a global recession. Strangely, my very first pair of Louboutins was from 9 years ago. It was actually a pair of gold flat sandals, so yeah, I didn’t really care about the red soles, I just bought it simply because it didn’t pinch my damn bunions! Post-Real Housewives, I’m glad, they are still in top condition. Christian Louboutin makes beautiful shoes. I can’t argue with that, I’m a true believer. But would you still buy them if they didn’t have the red soles?

Fast forward to 2012. I have never found a pair in my size. They are always out of stock here in the Middle East. Even, the ridiculous $1,200 pairs leave the store faster than I can do US $ to Dinar conversions. One of my Arabic friends told me that they love them so much here because you can see the red sole peeping under their flowing abayas.

It’s a statement. Sadly from Miami to Dallas all the way to this side of the world.

That’s all there is. Period.

Two summers ago, I was walking around Saint Germain in Paris and I was so baffled when I saw the long line (mostly Chinese tourists with calculators) that was forming outside of the flagship store. The brand deserves raking in remarkable profits even in this collapsing economy, but with this widespread mass hysteria, for me, personally, it  has somehow lost its magic.

BUT. Last weekend, I was meeting a few friends for brunch and since I have been hunting for a pair of nude pumps, I decided to look around. I was wanting maybe something from Pierre Hardy or maybe Gianvito Rossi because those two fit the shape of my feet like a dream. No luck there, I’d have to wait until I go back to the States.

So I thought, hey, let me try some Loubs, it’s been a while and the store is unusually empty.

And then I saw this. If all my gay friends take acid and I lock them in a dark basement with glue, ribbons, beads, sequins and an assortment of Christmas ornaments = the result would be this.

Liberace+ Nicki Minaj had a baby = He/She will wear this.

Okay, maybe some über-fashionable fashion editor can pull this off, but it leaves me a little confused.

And then. You see something like this. A vision of pure and absolute elegance. It then reminds you of what this brand was originally built on. Just like that, I have a new found appreciation for the craftsmanship and design behind the label.

What I brought home.

What I wish (if I had the funds) I  had brought home with me too.

When I got home, I thought, they are beautiful with or without the red bottoms.

A good pair of shoes remains a good pair of shoes. Not because Kim K. has them.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Shopping! xx


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