my infatuations for this month

I love it. I hate it. I like it?

This has been my relationship with Serge Lutens Nuit de cellophane. A few years ago, I visited a friend in New York who works for Serge. Naturally, I received a generous amount of samples. I was in the mood for one particular scent at that time and I decided Nuit was one of them. I bought a bottle and was so distraught because I realized that hated it when I thought I really liked it. So the beautiful bottle just sat on my vanity like a display, collecting dust, unloved.

Until recently. I rediscovered it again and, surprisingly, I have gained an infatuation to a scent that reminded me of cheap soap. I take long hot showers at night and since my moisturizer is unscented, I spray this on before bed and I like how it lingers in my robe and my skin in the morning (my husband agrees). But, It’s still all confusing to me. Like Algebra.

This was my very first YSL nail polish purchase and since I’m a Chanel Le Vernis loyalist, I was very surprised with the quality and formula of this line. The bright cherry shade, Rouge Pop Art caught my eye and magically, one coat lasted a week!

I screamed, “I love it!” (I love anything Hello Kitty), when my friend’s 7 year old little girl gave this to me as a gift. I didn’t know it was make-up. Then, yeah, I remember Sephora carries the Hello Kitty make-up line. I thought they were  just for kids so I never bothered.

I was just about to throw the make-up and keep the Hello Kitty tin but decided to try them on. What a pleasant surprise! The pigment and texture of the eyeshadows in this palette was unbelievably good. I think I’ve been using this almost everyday since!

Instant make-over for those tired, sleep-deprived eyes! A little bit glides smoothly on the waterline without tugging. I’m quite sensitive to pencil liners but this Chanel eye pencil in Clair does the job.

Last but not the least, my favorite body oil (possibly, of-all-time),

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

I stock up on these whenever I can but I have just recently discovered a pharmacy here in the Middle East that have Nuxe products on a steady supply. I’m spoiling myself with this luxury, day and night now because I  don’t have to ration it anymore!  If you haven’t tried this oil, well, you absolutely must. It’s simply fabulous!

Happy Shopping! xx


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