Shopping for the francophile

© 2012 Desert heels L1090968-001

© 2012 Desert heels L1090967-001

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© 2012 Desert heels L1090973-001Unlike most of my American friends, I love anything French, I’m a traitor. No Apologies.

I was in Bahrain this week with my dearest French girlfriend to do some gift shopping and lots of chatting.  I have been living here in the Middle East (for a big fraction of the last nine years), and I have to say I absolutely enjoy the shopping here.

Old, snobby, high-end French brands, like Diptyque, Annick Goutal and Caron Paris can still be found in nondescript locations such as this one. Yes, you can still go crazy with the glossy big malls in Dubai. But I prefer the old and dated establishments. It just feels right and personal. A far cry from being hounded and blinded by perfume over sprays at Neiman and Saks in the States.

I can imagine well-heeled Arabs in stores like this, shopping for their favorite perfume from exclusive French houses before the world got smaller. And since I missed a trip to Paris this summer, I had the need to scratch my itching inner francophile. At Diptyque of course.

© 2012 Desert heels L1090997-001An Eaux de Toilette for my husband, a Feu de Bois candle for my bedroom, Philosykos solid parfum for moi, and a géant candle in Figuier for my living room for Christmas…

When we left the boutique, the manager handed me a gift-wrapped perfume.

The gift was from my girlfriend, I was so touched and cried (hormones).

Excuse my french. But I love ’em beret-wearing f*****s!

J’adore le français!

Happy Shopping! Bisous!


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