last minute gift-wrapping

© 2012 Desert heels L1100031

I refuse to buy gifts for my friends for Christmas because it just always seems forced ( and too just-for-the-sake-of) and I would rather spoil them on their birthdays ( and I do!).

But I do make an exemption with kids. This holiday is really all about them and Baby Jesus of course. And this year, I’m playing one of Santa’s elves and I’m definitely not going to be Chandler (Friends Season 10: Chandler and Monica Adoption – YouTube and reveal that god awful truth.

So two kids on my shopping list, three and four, both wanted dogs. Easy. But I couldn’t find a box big enough to fit them. So here’s the solution;

© 2012 Desert heels L1100034

Put a big-ass bow around its neck. Adorable. This bulldog looks emasculated. I’m scared for you buddy, that 2.5 ft. terrorist will make you suffer. Best of luck.

© 2012 Desert heels L1100033

In my attempt to stay organic this Christmas, I found some brown paper in my garage and re-used it as a wrapper and bought some green paper ribbons.

My friend’s 9 year old already knows what he wants, so a hóngbāo or a chinese red envelope with shopping money is perfect.

Gift-wrapping in 15 minutes. I am so Zen, I swear.

Don’t stress and always keep things simple.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! xx


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