New make up basics: Burberry


(Velvet foundation Trench in No. 203, Complete Eye Palette in Pale Nude No. 03 and Lip Definer in Bright Plum No. 04)

I am not a big fan of Burberry like most Asians. I don’t like the emblematic, monochromatic plaid. I’ve always thought it was too  English, too preppy and a bit sad. I do appreciate the classic Burberry trench, don’t get me wrong. But the plaid? Hell no.

So, I was very intrigued by all the buzz that the Burberry beauty line created last year. It must be good, I thought, since it’s been compared to Giorgio Armani Beauty and for me that has got to be the best make up out there. I’m a loyal fan, so I was skeptical of Burberry.

But, in December, after finding a store that carried the beauty brand, I succumbed ( as I am the perfect victim of  glossy advertising) to purchasing a few products.

Verdict: I was quite amazed. The packaging ( a subtle plaid etching on gun metal), is heavy and elegant. The quality is wonderful. All three products went beyond my expectations.




New year, new make up discovery!

Detailed reviews on later post!

Happy Shopping! xx


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