Travel: Shopping at Amsterdam Schiphol

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-120

Amsterdam Schiphol is my second favorite airport (first would be Hong Kong International) for long layovers. It ranked 4th last year as one of the world’s best, and although it’s one of the busiest hubs in Europe, it doesn’t feel like a zoo. Read: I know they won’t do a cavity search on me and I don’t feel like cattle.

It’s very civilized and organized. In a post-9/11 world, for a frequent traveler, it almost feels unreal.

I had five hours to spend for shopping before catching my flight back home to the States.

Game on.

Oh yeah. The beautiful tulips… just take photos because you can’t bring them to the U.S.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-108

Cheese. I can’t tell you how often I hurt my back from buying tons of cheese. I had to go to the perfume shop afterwards because I smelled like a Deli.

© 2012-2013  Desert heels photo-109

Waffle and cheese tasting.  A wee bit fancier than Costco, no?

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-112

I have to get one of these cheese boards next time.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-114

Belgian Chocolatier, Neuhaus was there too. I love chocolates but it’s the chandelier that caught my attention. I’m on a mission to find a dupe.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-119

Miffy everywhere!

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-131

Okay. FYI. Miffy or Nijntje in Dutch is basically Holland’s Hello Kitty. I am so tempted to get an iPhone just so I can buy the Miffy cover. He/She/It  (the gender is questionable to me) is so cute!

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-128

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-130

A library and a museum store. How fab is that?

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-121

Uh-oh. The portal to consumerism and credit card limits.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-122

If I was a Scientologist, this would be my planet Xanadu.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-123

Scarves I was sorting through for an hour. If you happen to visit Hermes in Schiphol, look for Francesca, she’s a darling. The store is somewhere between Departure hall F and G.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-124

The loot.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-125

And because I felt a little light-headed after they wrapped the orange boxes, I had to get a quarter pounder, dutch style. I got charged €1.10 for ketchup. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Europe. Ketchup? Seriously?

© 2012-2013 Desert heels photo-127

Maybe it’s just me, but this tasted healthier. I don’t care what people say, nobody can talk sh*t about my Mickey Ds. I need my fix wherever I can find it!

© 2012-2013 Desert heels  photo-126

My Rimowa rolling luggage, LV Keepall (Givenchy Antigona that I forced inside of it) and my perfect (airport) walking flat boots from Fiorentini + Baker.

5 hours well spent.

Happy Shopping and Happy Travels! xx


6 thoughts on “Travel: Shopping at Amsterdam Schiphol

  1. Hi, I’m from Hong Kong and I travel to Holland from time to time as my boyfriend is from there. I thank you for rating these two airport so highly.
    By the way, Miffy is a girl, and she came before Hello Kitty.
    Please visit my blog where I document my adventures with my “Miffies” and other characters (like the Care Bears).

    • Hi there!
      Thank you so much for your comment. Both airports have retained a very high standard, and it makes traveling pleasurable.
      Finally, I can stop debating Miffy’s gender, thanks for the info 🙂
      I’ll definitely drop by! x

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