New York Quick Lunch: Fred’s at Barneys

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One of my purely joyful and guilty pleasures in life: Eating and shopping alone.

No fake texting and book-flip reading involved in this. Please, if you do that, stop.

Own your space, relish your food and frolic in the sights and sounds around you.

Participate in life. There’s nothing better.

I get to enjoy that in Europe, but for some odd reason, New york seems to be the only place in America where that solitary revelry is warranted.

For that and many other reasons, I heart New York.

A couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio and Baltimore Crab cakes with beet, romaine and onion slaw, remoulade sauce and belgian pommes frites for a quick lunch before shopping.

Seating for one, and yes, I’d like to sit at the bar.

Now, I’m ready to go to the shoe department and take on the world.

*apologies for the uneventful photos, I heard NY restaurants don’t like food photographers anymore. I’m almost always ready to fake a Japanese accent, just in case I get caught.

Fred’s is perfectly situated at the 9th floor of Barneys at 660 Madison Avenue.

The food’s great and the atmosphere is relaxed-trendy. A long line forms around lunch, but for solo-riders, you’re pretty much guaranteed a seat.

Happy Shopping and Happy Eating! xx


4 thoughts on “New York Quick Lunch: Fred’s at Barneys

  1. Although Bergdorf’s restaurant wins out for decor and view, its not a place I would fly solo, however, I have enjoyed MANY solo lunches at Fred’s. You get a birdseye view of the entire place while you eat too…great people-watching!

  2. My guilty pleasure: solitary pancakes (European style) with café au lait, while reading a fashion magazine, all of this preferably in the sort of café where only retired ladies like to come. I also very much enjoy going to the movie theatre by myself sometime in the early afternoon, when it is virtually deserted.

    • Haruko-chan, I have a feeling we’re sisters (from different misters?!) hahaha!
      I have yet to find a retired ladies café, sounds like a promising hangout!
      Old movies and deserted theaters, I’d love to do that by myself too!

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