Velvet Tux and Jean Shorts

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A mix and match of summer, spring, and evening wear? It’s hard to dress up when all your suitcases and clothes are sprawled across your hotel room floor. All the while, wondering how you can cram all of your touristy purchases (japanese candies, mostly) and praying you can still meet your baggage allowance.

Trick: Grab whatever’s not wrinkled (and clean) and wear it with conviction. I wish I can come up with something wiser than that. (Hey, it’s a different story when you’ve been traveling for months!)

  • Velvet tux blazer: Massimo Dutti
  • Jean shorts:  Mango
  • Shirt: Equipment
  • Scarf: Hermès
  • Belt:  Hermès
  • Ankle boots: Opening Ceremony
  • Sunglasses: Persol
  • Bag: Givenchy

Happy Shopping and Happy Travels! xx


4 thoughts on “Velvet Tux and Jean Shorts

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m flying to Tokyo this weekend and I wasn’t sure what to wear this Summer. I doubt though that I can wear heels since I expect a lot of walking.

    • Wow! That’s great! I suggest comfy flats and if you’re going for the heels, stay under 3 inches :). My chunky ankle boots survived the trip! Hope that helped. Happy Travels!

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