Friday Movie: A Hong Kong Trilogy


My former university professor posted on Facebook that he was watching “In the Mood for Love”, a few weeks ago. It was a slow day and I was bored out of my wits so I decided to give the Wong Kar-wai movie a go. I was sucked in, hooked and mesmerized. I later learned it was part of a trilogy (although, it’s not strictly a trilogy like the Bourne series, so pick what you like and you can still connect the dots).  I started with In the Mood for Love (2000), and then 2046 (2004), and finally what I should’ve started with to build the momentum, Days of Being Wild (1990).

All three films are slowly paced and stylistically indulgent. It was the sort of tactile sensation I was looking for in a foreign film. If you are too stressed out and impatient with reading subtitles, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you have the whole day, and you want to “escape” to a highly visual unfamiliar land, you are in for a treat. The cinematography is pure art. The actions and words were minimal but piercing. The soundtrack…is haunting, as it is a sensual pot-stirrer for the emotions of the characters. Everything about the trilogy was just fashionably sublime.

All three films were captivating. Set mostly in 1960’s Hong Kong, the urban jungle’s gritty, claustrophobic existence was captured vividly. The beautiful and desperately needy 23-inch waisted women in their beautiful qipaos and the (lost and undecided) men, running around in circles, although a constant theme in most movies, was still very elegant and  dauntingly poetic in this case.

If you’re not planning on anything interesting to do this weekend, how about Chinese takeout and a taste of some Hong Kong Cinema?

Have a great weekend! xx


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