My Travel Rescue Kit

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I am now busy packing for an emergency trip to Southeast Asia and I’m taking off in 48 hours. I have been enjoying the last few weeks  here in the Middle East, catching up on a lot of foreign films and books that have been on my to-do list for a while. It was a last minute decision to fly out and now I’m on to the least fun activity in the world…packing.  I am looking forward to eating dumplings and pork buns but hating the 10+ hour travel to get there.

I will only be gone for a little over a week, but that doesn’t make packing any easier!  So, before I pack away everything, I thought I’d share with you my tried and tested  travel rescue kit.

© 2012-2013 Desert heels L11301641. Klorane Extra-gentle dry shampoo. I have super fine limp hair so after a few hours on the plane it flatlines and it’s not pretty. This dry shampoo is a miracle product for me. It smells fresh and it gives your hair  that extra lift and volume. It’s in powder form, so it sucks all that icky oily residue in the scalp. It’s a quick blow-dry for the wicked traveler.

2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir. One word. GLOW. I go through bottles of this beauty spray like crazy. It freshens, uplifts (your mood, even) and tones the face. The minty fragrance is also very therapeutic. When the cabin air gets stuffy, I spray it on and I feel more energized and it clears the sinuses too.

3. Dr. Hauschka Lip care stick. This line makes the best lip balms ever. I have yet to discover the lip product that can compare to this one. The organic ingredients heals cracked, dry lips in an instant. I love that it moisturizes without the sticky feel.

4. Avène Antirougeurs Anti-redness moisturizing cream SPF 10. I get minor skin irritations every time I jump to and from different timezones and climates. This cream calms my skin and the green tinge neutralizes the redness. The SPF feature is a plus, especially when you have extra sensitive skin and you want to stay away from heavy sunblocks.

5. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. This is a repair balm that should stay in your rescue kit. Period. It’s a multitasking beauty product. It calms the skin, moisturizes (you can use on the lips too), and it is also an antibacterial treatment. Cuts, bites, scratches, dry skin, etc. It simply cures everything.

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6. Cal-C-Vita Vitamin C effervescent tablets. I discovered this in France a few years ago when I thought I was coming down with a bad cold. I have been taking these every day since. I am overly neurotic when it comes to traveling in enclosed spaces with hundreds of people. It could just be luck, I suppose, but I haven’t caught anything ( and I travel a lot) since I got hooked on this immunity booster. With sparkling water and freshly squeezed lemon, it’s my healthy champagne version in the morning.

7. Saje Peppermint Halo. This is probably the most important rescue product in my travel kit. A friend from Canada gave this to me two years ago when she found out I suffer from chronic migraines. I cannot tell you how this product saved my life. I apply it on my pressure points on the onset of a headache and it relieves the tension and pain. It also helps with chest congestion and nausea. I have become a big follower of this organic line, and I will get into details about their products on a later post very soon. You can check this product at Saje Natural Wellness.

8. L’Occitane Lavande Hand Purifying gel. I am a hand-sanitizing mental case. Lavender relaxes me, so when I found this product, I buy them in bulk!  (that Costco panic buying sort).

9. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. I fell in love with this Mandarin scented hand balm when I visited the Aesop store in New York earlier this year. I love the smell and thickness of this product.  For the hands, in my opinion,  the thicker the cream, the better. Not to mention the beautiful utilitarian packaging.  I adore Aesop!

That makes up my travel rescue kit (for now). Hope these products work for you on your next travel!

Happy Shopping and Happy Travels! xx


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