Birthday Party in Print





Dress: McQ-Alexander McQueen/ Clutch: Rochas/  Heels: Gianvito Rossi/  Cuffs: Hermes, A.L.C./  Ring: YSL/  Watch: Cartier

A last minute, unplanned trip to Southeast Asia has transpired into one of  the most memorable and enjoyable random retreats I have done in a long time. It was a special (and delicate) time for me as I was already dreading the fact that I was turning 32.  My closest friends celebrated my birthday with me and I was spoiled rotten. As I was surrounded by so much love, I was reminded of how I am truly blessed.

The fear of the “number” slowly dissipated and I don’t feel anything now other than gratitude.

I was supposed to wear a leopard print (as I am a true-blooded Leo) Cavalli dress but I ripped the slit before my party (it was very tight). I changed into this McQueen dress which was far more comfortable anyway.

Feeling free and infinite, I danced the night away. Like I would have at 22.

One thing I have come into terms with as I age a year older–it now takes me approximately 48 hours to get over a hangover.

Have a Happy Life and Happy Shopping! XX


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