Travel: Flying Etihad And Abu Dhabi Airport Shopping

I am often asked which is the best airline to take in the Middle East to travel to Southeast Asia, Europe or the U.S. I have a few favorites and some carriers that I openly abhor. (Don’t even get me started on U.S. carriers!)

So, during my last trip, I tried ( sorry for the grainy photos, I was using my iPad and it was a shaky flight) to document my flying  experience for reference for some of you who are planning your next travel.

This time I flew to Southeast Asia for about 8.5 hours with a quick stop in Abu Dhabi before my final destination. I don’t normally fly business class but the price was good at the time I purchased my tickets.  That’s one of the things I can vouch for Middle Eastern airlines, they are better at taking care of their members as opposed to American companies. I was able to take advantage of a special Ramadan promotion and the comfort of an upgrade did not cost me an arm and a leg. Translation: I can still do a little Duty-Free shopping.

As with any airline, I have had good and bad experiences with Etihad. This time it was a pleasant experience, and surprisingly so, as I was caught in a shock-full of people due to weather-related flight cancellations in Asia. I was expecting a big delay but everything was on schedule. It was a big plane and it was packed but the service was prompt and quick. The staff was attentive and friendly as expected so I have no complains.

I enjoyed the shelf underneath the footrest. It was great for storing  for my skincare products and other travel paraphernalia.

The massage chair and adjustable lumbar support feature was the highlight for me. The  comfortable flat bed extends to over six feet and I slept like a baby for six whole hours.

An obligatory attempt to watch Les Mis failed misérably. Les Mis and champagne don’t mix.

The food was good and they had a favorable selection in the in-flight menu. I wasn’t able to enjoy it though because I eat very little when I fly as I am very prone to indigestion whenever I travel. This beef and asparagus appetizer was delicious. I skipped the main dish and proceeded to a much needed shuteye.

I had  a hearty serving of the roast turkey sandwich before touchdown, which was very tasty and filling.

It was a treat that they have Korres products in their travel kits.

I was not able to take photos of the business class lounge at Abu Dhabi airport. I only had an hour to check the Duty-Free shops!

Here’s the loot.

All in all, it was a good experience and I will definitely fly Etihad again. It is a good choice for flying intercontinental long-hauls.

Abu Dhabi airport shopping is very easy as the shops are situated in one area of the the airport. Although it is a major hub, it is still quite easy to navigate.

And as you can see, they are not as neurotic in this side of the world with liquids. That alone takes the sting out of irksome traveling.

Happy Travels and Happy Shopping! xx


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