Orange Day Shift


Silk Shift Dress: Tibi/ Linen Blazer: Massimo Dutti/ Bag: Hermès/ Ballerinas: Lanvin/ Aviators: Ray Ban

September temperatures should already be forgiving but that is not the case here in the Middle East. The impossibly hot weather is still indescribable. Silk shift dresses in bright colors have been a fateful and reliable choice for my everyday wardrobe, as it is my only fashion device for enduring mad summers in the desert.

Here I am, shamelessly doing a ‘selfie’ at an LV store while waiting for a toiletry kit I ordered. Although I am not a stickler for logo-groovy conspicuous labels, in my opinion, Louis Vuitton still makes the most standard, indestructible, tried-and-true leather goods especially for luggages and travel accessories. Hmm…I guess as long as they don’t transfer their production to China…

I  am on my way back to America very soon, I can’t wait to enjoy the fall season and escape this heat!

Happy Shopping! xx


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