The Girlfriend Holiday Gift Guide

photo 53

1) Vita Fede Titan Bracelet from Shopbop  2) Exotic water snake cuff from Joanna Preysler   3) Juicy Couture gold cuff 4) Door knocker cuff from Tory Burch

For the Party Girl/ Fashionista: You can never go wrong with accessories. I love gifting things that I am sure I will see my girlfriends wearing. It’s quite simple: give things you would like to receive yourself. If I love something, they also will.

This year my best bet would be anything gold and shiny or a statement exotic skin arm candy.

photo 47

For the Reader: I have friends that are seriously into reading serious literature that make your brain hurt. It’s the holidays and we all need a break. Give them something fun and easy this time of the year. They will thank you for it.

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For The Girlfriend That Needs A Lot of Pampering: The Mom

A few months ago I gave a girlfriend (who has a three year old boy) a bottle of Chanel polish and a jar of Diptyque candle. She said she spent an afternoon painting her nails with a lit scented candle. It was so simple but she said she has never felt so relaxed and wonderful.

So for these beautiful moms that spend their days taking care of their kids; I want to make them feel they are cared for too. Give them something that they can use and enjoy in that very precious “me” time.

1) Jo Malone Vitamin E Treatment Scrub: This luxurious body scrub smells and feels great. Light the candles in the bathroom and play some jazz. Now…who doesn’t need that?

2) Clarins “Huile” Tonic: This is my holy grail body oil. After a good workout, or a day of running errands, this is an amazing treat for the skin. The aromatherapeutic properties of this toning body oil works great for all skin types. The healthy glow it gives the skin will put any overworked mom in a happy place.

3) Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm: Another holy grail body moisturizer for me. The thick consistency and the wonderful mix of herbal scents of this body balm is very uplifting. Whenever I put this on, I know I am doing my skin a lot of good. We all need to be reminded that we should take the time to take care of ourselves before taking care of everyone else.

4) Diptyque Candles: Which scent? Any of them! I call this “happiness in a jar”. It is pricey, yes. But the unique fragrance and the classic packaging wins me over. It makes the person in the receiving end feel important and loved. This Parisian candle is a thoughtful and luxurious gift. Always.

5) A warm cashmere sweater: We all want one. Make that special girlfriend feel warm, cozy and spoiled. And loved.

6) Chanel Nail Polish: The perfect stocking stuffer for any girlfriend. Nothing is sexier than Chanel polished nails. Every mom still needs “that sexy time”.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas shopping!

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays! xx


2 thoughts on “The Girlfriend Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I remember the 1st time I ever bought chanel anything it was was a bottle of chanel nail polish that I gifted a mother of 4, who was going through a psychotic divorce. she said it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for her.

    • Wow. What a difference a bottle of Chanel nail polish makes! That’s a lovely story.
      I guess something as simple as that kind gesture reminds us how we should value ourselves more. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing that!

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