The Holiday Gift Guide For Your Man

1. Massimo Dutti Travel Parka.   A dependable, packable travel parka is an essential in every man’s wardrobe. My husband is so overly picky with clothes ( and absolutely dreads trying them on), but a staple, no-fuss easy jacket that goes with everything in his closet, he can appreciate. So will that no-nonsense man in your life.

2. Raymond Weil Dive Watch. My husband loves the water. Sports (in dry land) does not interest him but he will go diving or get on his boat and jet ski every day if he can. He roughs it out in the water, so a very nice shiny watch that costs as much as a downpayment for a condo is just not going to work. A midrange, well made waterproof watch that doesn’t require any maintenance is always a good choice. If it falls off his wrists, I wouldn’t be crying a river.

3. iPod Touch. My man is the opposite of Techie. He is just really old fashioned like that. I know a lot of women can relate to this because it is very hard to find gifts for men that are anti-technology (mainly because it’s the easiest thing to buy these days!). I was so jealous of my girlfriend that bought an iPhone 5S for her husband the other day. No thinking required, it took her 5 minutes to make the purchase and she was done Christmas shopping! It took me a month to complete my husband’s gift list! But… my other half enjoys his rock music when he drives to work and I had to improve his listening pleasure. This touch pad technology can be challenging  for a man that is still hanging on to his cassette player ( I know!), but he’ll get it eventually ( I hope).

4. A leather belt from Hermès. I am married to a very simple man. He is not attracted to anything loudly conspicuous and shiny. But he can appreciate good workmanship and quality leather. He has respect for craftsmen that make things with their bare hands. He values the principle of hard work and making something beautiful from start to finish. That is why I  always get way with these orange boxes!

5. Persol Polarized Sunglasses. The best quality polarized sunglasses in the market. They are Italian made and the lenses are indestructible. No big logos, just a classic pair that will last for years.

6. Annick Goutal Eau d’ Hadrien Cologne. If you want your man to smell crisp and fresh, this is the scent to gift them. The citrus and wood notes are complex and simple at the same time. A perfectly subtle, elegant  fragrance for every day.

7. Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums “Bois d’Orage” by Pierre Bourdon. This fragrance speaks “sexy”. It’s woody and earthy and just raw sexy. This is more of a gift to myself actually. I find this fragrance so intoxicating on a man’s skin. Keep that fire going!

8. Comfortable Pyjamas. My hubby walks around the house with his boxers all the time, but around this time of the year, I need to change things. I’m making the annual wearing of Christmas PJ’s while opening gifts on Christmas morning mandatory. It takes you back to your childhood, I think. All of our grown, hairy men are still these small, giddy boys on the inside.

9. Lace up boots from Shoto at Barneys New York . I discovered this Italian shoe company on a recent trip to New York and I love the quality of their hand sewn leather shoes. Shoto’s designs are very classic old-world and masculine. A far cry from the exclusively uncomfortable metrosexual shoe designs that are all over every store these days. Good news for my gay friends, bad news for my deer-hunting, cigar-smoking husband. For the manly pair for your man, they’ll have it.

Enjoy this very special season with that special man in your life.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! XX


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