New Year, New In

Bottega Veneta Fume Intrecciato Napa Veneta

I have had my heart set on this Bottega bag for ages now and I am so glad I finally found the perfect shade of taupe that I have been looking for. The year-end sales here in the Middle East have been so insane this last week and I got a pretty good discount on this beauty. I went a little cray with my shopping last year, so for 2014, I am on a mission to curb my fashion spending this year and I thought by documenting my purchases, maybe I would be more conscientious and focused on my goal of sticking with this shopping diet. I decided that my magic number is 33, since I’m turning 33 this year, easy to remember, I guess. This number includes all clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. I have been reading a lot of motivating blog posts about keeping a capsule wardrobe, and as I am not getting any younger, I am also in the process of building an edited, more improved adult closet. I will be needing a lot of luck and self control but I am ready for the torture.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my new items for 2014. I got this Bottega wallet from my hubby (among many beautiful things I received from him this last Christmas), a perfume from my dear girlfriend , a new planner from Bergdorf Goodman and a new lipstick from Burberry that I have been loving lately.

Funny, I think I’m starting the year with everything Bottega Veneta, I feel more like a lady, it should be a good year!

BV Parfum/ 2014 BG planner/BV Intrecciato continental wallet/ Burberry lipstick in Hibiscus

Happy New Year and Happy Shopping! xx


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