Coral Beauties

Enjoying every bit of these pink and orange coral combo! Pretty and fresh shades for the  cruel, hot summer days ahead.

Sandals: Chanel : This sweet pink coral pair have captured my non-pink loving heart! I plan outfits around them!

Nail Polish: Chanel Le Vernis in 647 Lilis: Obsessed with this flattering shade. How much do I love thee?  I got a second bottle.

Lipstick/gloss/stain all-in-one: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 300: A mad rush of electric color. Just wow.

Happy Summer Shopping! xx



2 thoughts on “Coral Beauties

    • I get asked this question a lot.. 🙂 Certain Chanel applications work for me, some don’t.
      But I’m a big fan of their color palette and it doesn’t make my nails yellow like most other brands.
      I use Butter London base and top coat and that solves the chipping and wearability issue :).

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