Rediscovering An Italian Anti-“IT” Classic


It has been a long time since I had spent an ample amount of time at a Tod’s store. I was checking out driver moccasins when this D.D. Leather Bowler caught my eye. The easy styling of the  delicate dark blue calf leather is so buttery soft and surprisingly light. The detail of the stitching and the classic, n0-fuss shape of this bag is essentially simple and in a very understated way, elegant.

Rediscovering this Italian brand could not have come at a better time. I think as you get older, you tire easily (read: you have a revulsion to carrying anything heavy) and you simplify your decisions more and more. The feel of this expertly crafted leather spoke to me because the sensation it gives off is genuine and straightforward.

I am  starting to ascertain that I may be  potentially over this whole “IT” bag debacle. Opting for sensible choices that fits the life I am creating for myself incorporates the absence of emblazoned logos, flashy hardware and useless frills.

Comfort and design trumps artifice.

A bag is a bag is a bag, sure. But this naturally refined Italian classic, in my book,  will always remain unpretentiously beautiful for the years to come.

Happy Shopping! xx


5 thoughts on “Rediscovering An Italian Anti-“IT” Classic

  1. A beautiful choice and color. I like Tod’s discrete look, especially in a time where bags are so over the time.
    I agree about turning to pimplier (and less heavy!) choices as we get older.

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