33 Things I Learned At 33.

I started this list two years ago as I gentle reminder to myself to create a well-lived life.

This year I have rounded up two more things I have learned as I turn a year older…


1. Make wise investments. In relationships and real-estate.

2. On Friendships, put value on quality over quantity.

3. Delay your reaction when emotion’s high.

4. Don’t make hasty decisions. Extend the deadline and sleep on it. Your mind is always clearer the next day.

5. Travel the world like a traveler and not like a tourist.

6. Make friends with people that come from places you don’t know about.

7. When you feel like sleeping. Sleep. Your body needs it.

8. Vitamin C cures everything. Take it everyday.

9. Ask as many questions as you can and recognize that you don’t know everything.

10. It’s always the simplest answer. Always.

11. Never save your expensive china and crystals for special guests. They’ll never come. Use them everyday. You are that special guest.

12. Buy the best mattress you can afford. You spend a third of your life in it.

13. Buy the best couch you can afford. You spend the remainder of your life in it.

14. Enjoy food, drink and live well, you only get this one shot at life.

15. Read as many books as you can.

16. Be careful with words, you can never take them back.

17. Spend time alone and learn to love your own company.

18. See people in increments. You’ll always like the people you don’t see often.

19. The odds are always in your favor when you talk less and listen more.

20. When you are in pain, stop thinking about the pain.

21. Spend money on things that will improve the quality of your life.

22. When people don’t feel right. Walk away.

23. Invest your money on good skincare. Your face is what you face the world with.

24. Buy Italian leather. There’s nothing better.

25. When traveling, always ask the locals what their favorite restaurant is and eat there.

26. Live below and within your means. If you can’t pay it in cash today, then you can’t afford it. Simple Math.

27. What people think, say or do is a reflection of their own reality (from the Four Agreements). It’s not your business and it’s not your problem.

28. Never compromise your standards and principles, at the end of the day that’s all you have.

29. Marry the one you like. Love sometimes goes out the window. Like stays.

30. If you are sure of who you are, then you can shop alone.

31. Always watch over the people you love and make sure that they know that.

32. Sometimes, friendships are meant to dissolve. When it does, gracefully let it go.

33. Manage your expectations. The things that are important to you are not necessarily important to others.


Live well and Keep Smiling! xx


Photography by Dibs Trofeo


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