An exclusive highlighting of my passion for fashion, food, compulsive online
“faire du lèche-vitrine”, travel, books, media-perpetuated concerns, and spontaneous plane rides between my lives in North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Enjoy this journey with me!

xx,  Desert heels

For inquiries please email me at desertheels11@gmail.com

Copyright © Desert Heels 2011-2012. All rights reserved.


26 thoughts on “About

    • Hey there! What a lovely surprise! Wow, Thank you so much for the wonderful words. I am pretty new at this, and I still find myself technically challenged and hoping to get by! Happy New Year to you!


    • Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂
      I’m fairly new to blogging, so thank you so much for bringing that to my attention.
      I honestly just now realized that I don’t have a follow button in my homepage. 🙂
      Please do drop by again.

  1. I am a big fan of your blog. Recently I have started a blog roll on my own blog (about Japan), and I have included your blog so that others might also find their way to this beautiful blog.

    All the best


    • Haruko-chang,
      Thank you so much for the support. You don’t know how much that means to me. Congratulations on the new blog! I will surely follow your posts so keep them coming!

      Desert heels xx

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for popping by mine and liking one of my pages….only one week into this blogging thing so its cool to think people are reading!

    Will be back to yours for sure!


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